The Good Guys


Age: 17

Mother: Sarai

Father: King Shaul (by marriage)

Race: Anciént Oné

Weapon(s): Sai, guns, and daggers

Abilities: telekinetic, telepathy, energy manipulation, force field, psychic blast and merging/power surging with Riley.

Aliases: The Controller, Red Moon, Rayn


Age: 19

Mother: Eliza

Father: Lord Sulé (by marriage)

Race: Anciént Oné

Weapon(s): bow and arrows; a sword

Abilities: teleportation, electricity manipulation, connection to Raynin, and merging/power surging with Raynin.


Age: 16

Mother: Helen

Father: Unknown

Sister: Joslyn

Race: Shadowwalker

Abilities: take the shadow of organisms, dwell in the shadows


Age: 17

Mother: Cassiopeia

Father: Orion

Sibling: Clayton

Race: Naphtalian

Weapon(s): Sword

Abilities: density shifter; phasing

The Bad Guys

King Shaul

Age: 47

Wife: Sarai (deceased); Meela (current)

Daughter: Raynin

Race: Naphtalian

Weapon(s): Sword; a battle mace

Abilities: none


Age: 35

Family: Unknown

Race: Unknown

Weapon: Oxyl Blade (cuts through everything)

Abilities: none


Age: 17

Family: Unknown

Race: Gorian

Weapon(s): Guns; a shortsword

Abilities: none