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Ways to Express Creativity

Creativity is an intrinsic human trait that knows no bounds. It is the ability to generate ideas, solutions, and expressions that are original, meaningful, and valuable. Being creative involves thinking outside the box, breaking conventional norms, and embracing uniqueness. Creativity can manifest in various ways, and in this article, we will explore the diverse ways… Continue reading Ways to Express Creativity

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Showing and Telling

Writing is an art form that allows authors to transport readers to different worlds, evoke emotions, and convey messages. One of the fundamental techniques in effective storytelling is knowing when to utilize showing vs. telling or vice versa. These two approaches have distinct purposes and impacts on the reader, and mastering this balance can significantly… Continue reading Showing and Telling

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Quote of the Week (9)

Good morning! This week's inspirational writing quote of the week is a great example of how to write descriptively without telling the audience. As creators, let's work on showing versus telling so the imaginations of our readers can run wild. Have a great week, and be inspired! #staycreative


Choosing the Right Point of View

Writing is a versatile art form that allows authors to convey stories, ideas, and emotions in a multitude of ways. One of the fundamental choices a writer must make revolves around choosing the right point of view (POV) from which they will tell their story. Point of view shapes the narrative, influences the reader's perspective,… Continue reading Choosing the Right Point of View

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Crafting a Dynamic Main Character

In the realm of storytelling, the main character is the heart and soul of your narrative. They are the lens through which readers experience your world, the one whose journey they invest in, and the character whose transformation they eagerly follow. Crafting a dynamic main character is essential for any successful novel, as it provides… Continue reading Crafting a Dynamic Main Character