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Quote of the Week (5)

Good morning! This week's inspirational quote is a reminder to create even when it may not turn out well. Having something to fix is better than nothing. Hopefully, this encourages you. Have a great week! #StayCreative

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Guided Access: How to Use It

Have a baby or kid who loves to touch your phone and lock you out of it? Well, I've found a solution--Guided Access. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on This past week I learned a new trick on my iPhone--thanks to my husband--and believe that it should be shared with everyone. Obviously, if you don't… Continue reading Guided Access: How to Use It

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Multi-Genre Writing Struggles

Writing a book is often regarded as a remarkable achievement, but authors who choose multi-genre writing understand that this creative journey comes with its own set of difficulties. Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Some of the most challenging hurdles faced by multi-genre writers are the delicate balancing act of switching tones and maintaining consistent… Continue reading Multi-Genre Writing Struggles

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Writer’s Block Can Be Solved

Being a creative person is probably one of the best things someone could be in this life. When you create something from nothing, you're left feeling accomplished and like your voice and ideas matter. And they do. Unfortunately for creative types, there is one foe that no one escapes -- writer's block. Photo by Suzy… Continue reading Writer’s Block Can Be Solved