Catching Mrs. Right (Now Available)

Hello Contrarians!

I’m back with a new release today. The second book in the Mr. and Mrs. Right series dropped on most digital platforms (Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, B&N, etc…).

If you love best friends to lovers romance books, check it out!

Catching Mrs. Right

Going from best friends to lovers, what could possibly go wrong?

Hayden Waters knows what, or rather who, he wants. Convincing her is the only problem. After watching his twin brother find happiness, Hayden is ready to do the same with his best friend, Ryan, but isn’t sure expressing that is a good idea. Devising a plan to get the girl, Hayden takes a risk that could cost him what matters. But every action has consequences.

Ryan Lennox has been in love with her best friend, Hayden since she met him some years ago. Unsure of whether he feels the same, Ryan comes up with a scheme to make him jealous, starting a game she isn’t ready for.

Will both their plans backfire, or will Hayden finally catch his Mrs. Right?

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